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  2. World Series cover | Hull series
    HY-430C automatic box making machine
    HY-650D visual positioning system
    Model: HY-430D automatic box making machine
    HY-430A automatic drawing box machine
    HY-450 universal cover and edge integrated machine
    Automatic die setting machine
    HY-650F Feida pasting machine
    Robot automatic drawing boxes
    Huying Machinery
    Professional gift manufacturing equipment
    Professional production

    20 years of professional manufacturing China's first

          self-developed manufacturer

    Brand casting technology skills, patience and strong

    Complete specifications, cost, shelf

    Independent R & D, special specifications can be customized

    Selection sophisticated, high-tech processing, up to

          international standards test
    Professional R & D technology

    20 years of focus on machinery and equipment design, with mature experience in

           various industries automation machinery and equipment research and
           development,design, manufacture;

    Mutual win domestic and foreign companies in various industries research

           institutes long-term cooperation, mutual win automatically provided
           equipment for many domestic projects;

    Companies focus on user practices and product development, has made a

           number of patents and R & D results.
    Improve the service system

    Professional team to solve your consulting work to help you save

          investment and reduce energy consumption; Free shipping all over
          the country

    You deliver to each other to win the task, our professional management

          team in accordance with the IS09001 quality management system,
          to every detail;

    Sales team of skilled, experienced, one year warranty and lifetime


          Dongguan Huying Machinery Co., Ltd It is required for enterprise specialized in manufacturing hardcover gift processing industry automation equipment. Main products are folded into the World covered molding machine, automatic capping machine world, the feeder paste machine, manually paste machine, decorated boxes fillet and other standard products, the company's World covered folding automatic molding machine is the introduction of the first company with its own intellectual property rights of patent products, which are widely used in mechanical gift boxes, moon cake boxes, shoe boxes, phone boxes, jewelry boxes and other World covered the production and processing, after several years of accumulated experience and cooperation of manufacturers multi valuable advice on the improvement of mechanical innovation, professionalism, integrity,
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    Company door
    Office four districts
    Third District Office
    Second District office
    A district office
    Machinery show
    Equipment Exhibition
    Workshop equipment

    What is the World covered molding folding machine
    This machine is a gift of the assembly-line production equipment for all kinds of gift boxes, packing boxes and other corners of the box-type molded folding purposes.


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