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        Carton printing process often problems

        1, the machine platen association failures caused by poor quality parts


        As an important component of the plate cylinder shaft head, the platen roller shaft head, shaft, and the gear associated with the impression worn loose when, during imprinting plate rollers or platen roller will thus producing jitter or slippage due to pressure instability, resulting in paperboard in contact with the printed page is not normal, causing the surface of the cardboard printing paste version or partial graphic blot unclear issues. Through careful observation and analysis, to identify the exact location of the fault and take appropriate measures to deal with, wear, loose parts to repair and eliminate symptoms.


        2, the quality failure caused by improper adjustment of the pressure roller


         If the pressure is too high or too low roller position so tight or too loose in contact with the corrugated board, there will be dirty version, paste version or partial graphic blot unclear circumstances, the pressure roller should be adjusted to the appropriate position so that the pressure the thickness of the gap between the roll and roll and cardboard adapt to ensure printing layout of the site, to avoid the failure phenomenon.


        3, inking roller failures caused by poor quality


         When the inking roller head loose, inking roll body appeared bent, deformed or damaged surface, it will also cause the layout dirty, paste version or partial graphic is not clear. It should identify the causes and take appropriate measures to deal with, but even the holding proper contact conditions between the inking roller and the plate, damage to the inking roller to be replaced in order to eliminate the symptoms.


        4, quality failures caused by uneven thickness of corrugated board


         If the corrugated surface formed when someone dent recessed portion destruction imprinted paper will also appear unclear quality defects, which if fully compensate for increased printing pressure, easy to make the text appear line layout from the paste Quality issues. To avoid layout from the paste, corrugated board stacking, handling process, should pay attention to light moving, light, light pressure (to control the stack height), avoid the use of throwing, smashing, pressure and other bad habits production handling.

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