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        Introduction Printing slot machines gift

        Printing slot machines, also known as water-based printing slotting machine, cardboard printing slot machines, slot machines or printing ink corrugated board printing slotting machine is printing, slotting, corner cutting, creasing, cutting five steps combined into an integrated carton processing equipment, corrugated box production indispensable after processing equipment. According to different color groups, printing slot machines and monochrome, color, three-color, four-color and other models.


          Printing slotting machine generally consists of feeding section, printing section, slotting Ministries.


        Feed section


          1, after the kick-type vacuum assisted feeding system, video board size, the degree of bending style appropriate amount of adjustments to ensure accurate paper feeding.


          2, aluminum alloy kick cardboard, light wear, put paper tailgate pneumatic devices.


          3. The apparatus nylon brush to exclude dust, in addition to debris, cardboard printing surface can remove impurities and improve print quality.


        Printing Department


          1, foot switch electric control plate roller rotating, easy loading and unloading printing plates.


          2, the printing unit phase electric planetary wheel adjustment, digital display.


          3, the plate roller lateral electric adjustment distance of 20 mm.


          4, gap adjustment, using advanced foreign sun gear adjustment, adaptation 3,5,7 layer corrugated cardboard.


        Slot portion


          1, the electric linkage adjustment, slotted, pressure once completed.


          2, carton height electric adjustment, digital display.


          3, the electric phase adjustment, digital display.


          4, can play an additional hand-clasping means.

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