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        World covered folding molding machine
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          Forming folding machine
        • Categories:World covered folding molding machine

        Model: HY-430

        Power: 1.2KW

        Maximum box size: 420 * 410 * 120MM, the minimum box size: 50 * 50 * 10MM

        Working speed: 18-22PCS / min

        Features and application:

        This machine is with PLC programming technology, touch screen interface, parameter setting and fault display, fault stop function, is the use of pneumatic servo control with double, this unit controls all accessories full use of international high-end brands, low failure, high precision, the the paper and glue inside the box after a good bit put wooden mold machine, edging out, folding ear, forming, pressure bubble and all actions are time completion, production process automation. Simple, fast, provincial labor, convenient for mold in 20 minutes can change a good mold, ordinary workers can operate, it is the best phone boxes, shoe boxes, moon cake boxes, Chaye He, jewelry boxes and other world cover select.

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