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        World Series capping machine
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          HY-650F Feida pasting machine
        • Categories:World Series capping machine

        Uses and characteristics:

        1.This machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, feeding part adopts back push vacuum adsorption, transport, full absorption of paper, smooth delivery, smooth paper, paper suction part is controlled by the vacuum pump, avoid to send double, not empty.

        2.The conveyor belt adopts inclined paper glue smoothly, no knife, glue evenly.

        3.Adjustable glue roller, can evenly coated paper surface, and no wrinkle, recycling glue tank, with indirect heating and temperature control system, can ensure moderate viscosity, cycle type cleaning system in 3 minutes machine cleaning completed

        4.The conveyor belt can be positioned at standstill, the speed and speed of the stop time and the speed can be automatically adjusted, and the performance is stable and reliable. The front section of the conveyor is naturally dried and attached to the air suction system, which can stabilize the suction paper and flatten the paper forward

        Technical parameter


        Paper width:90-550mm

        Paper thickness:80-300g/m2

        Gumming speed:7-30sheets/min

        Heating power:6kw

        Motor power:2kw/380v 3phase

        Machine weight:700kg

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