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        World Series capping machine
        Current location:Products
          HY-430C automatic box making machine
        • Categories:World Series capping machine

        Performance and characteristics:

        The machine is composed of automatic feeding paper feeder, photoelectric servo system positioning and automatic drawing box machine. It is a brand-new model which is produced by the company according to the customer's manual positioning in production and the manual box output is not high, the operator labor intensity is large. Compared with the original machine, this machine has the advantages of labor saving, high output, easy operation, and higher precision than manual positioning. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of box covers, such as mobile phone box, shoebox, moon cake box, tea box, shirt box and so on.

        1, using photoelectric servo system positioning, high positioning accuracy.

        2, with the manipulator automatic pull box, save labor.

        3, suitable for high precision space box.

        4, the action is flexible, suitable for high-end electronic packaging products, cosmetics boxes, wine boxes, shoe, clothing.

        technical parameter

        Model: HY-430C

        Max product size: 420*390*120mm

        Minimum product size: 100*60*20MM

        Production speed: 15-20 / min

        Total power: 8KW

        Heating power: 6KW

        Voltage: 380V

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