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        Excessive dependence on foreign high-end technology into packaging machinery development worries

        In recent years, with the increasing development and expansion of China's economy, the rapid development of the packaging industry at an annual rate of 18%, but in the process of rapid development of China's packaging industry, a large number of high-tech equipment still rely on imports. Biaxially oriented equipment such as plastic film, a production line near 100 million yuan, from the 1970s began to introduce.


        Up to now, the domestic import of such production line 110. There aseptic packaging, filling machines dairy industry extensive use of almost all of the Swedish company Tetra Pak to provide a. China's packaging machinery over-reliance on foreign high-end technology has become severely constrained China's packaging industry sustained and stable development worries. Because most of the technical content of packaged products is reflected in the processing technology and technical equipment, technology is the core, is the key equipment, packaging equipment and the leading position in the packaging process.

        Piles of metal grid machine that, although a large number of the introduction of advanced equipment has greatly accelerated the pace of development of China's packaging industry, China's packaging industry narrowed the gap with the developed countries, but we can not rely on foreign technology and high-end technical equipment. This is because foreign technology and equipment is expensive, some SMEs are unable to introduce, is not conducive to the overall improvement of the technological level of China's packaging industry; not conducive to the development of their intellectual property, is not conducive to cultivating their professional designers, we can only follow in the long run behind the others, it will lose control over the development and marketing initiative.


        For all these reasons, in addition to the packaging industry and supporting industries belonging to many fields of the national economy, especially in the food industry and beverage industry, packaging industry, but also depends on technological progress, ancillary services, so we can no longer ignore packaging machinery behind status on the overall development of China's packaging industry negative impact.

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