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        Features automatic box making machine

        1. This machine adopts Feida push feeding system, simple and reasonable pneumatic control the overall operation of the whole structure.

        2. stacker platform and take the paper width adjusting platform adjusted concentrically in the center, easy to operate without error.

        3. glue copper scraper new design, effectively avoiding paper winding machine uptime.

        4. Adopt imported ultrasonic double sheet detection device, simple operation, to prevent double sheet of paper.

        5. Hot Melt automatic cycle, stirring, on the dispensing system. (Optional glue viscometer)

        6. The hot melt adhesive tape automatic conveying, cutting device, once completed within a cardboard box corners fillet job.

        7. The conveyor bottom with a vacuum suction fan control plastic glossy paper from deviating.

        8. The inner box with plastic over paper and paperboard hydraulic corrective devices, positioning fit.

        9. The conveyor belt assembly automatic cleaning system, clean up quick and easy.

        10. The carton forming unit can automatically wrapping, folding and forming the folding ear coherence jobs once completed.

        11. It adopts PLC control, photoelectric tracking system, touch screen interface, automated tray-time molding production process.

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